The song is angry, actually. You should be aware. Very angry and very fusion.
It’s alive and it’s dangerous. The title is “Razzberty”, and nobody knows what that means. Even me.
The song was composed during one of the worst periods of my life. I was facing big problems I had no idea how to manage. I had lost my grandpa and I was discovering just how snaky and selfish people could be. One day I went to my university and saw a big sign depicting a flower growing out of the snow. The inscription said “All reborn”. That made me cry like a baby but turn into a right way. But it will be the next day, and the day before I felt like a big piece of darkness.
I went home and drank first beer, then cognac. After this medicine, all my black thoughts came out and this song was born. I used the distortion pedal for my violin to incorporate a positive moment.
The sound is very different, so I’ll provide a few words about the equipment I used.
Since I still hadn’t received my electric violin, I used an acoustic one with an AKG C-411 contact mic. Also, I used my beloved orange pedal Fender Starcaster flanger, Digitech Whammy and custom overdrive based on Ibanez Tubescreamer TS9DX scheme. Audio interface Alesis IO14 + MacBook Pro. Software: Logic Pro and plugins.

Listen the song