Rain & Dust – a rough sketch

Hi Lads

Yeah, it’s been a while since you heard from me – I had a hard time with my ABRSM teaching exams preparations – really lots of books to read and thousands words to write. Finally it’s all done now, and I’m excited to show you a rough sketch of song I made up recently:

I was experimenting with sounds I can get from my electric violin (and so I still do), so don’t be surprised to hear some new things from me. Also, you might hear some oriental motifs, mixed with artificial electronic stuff – well, ideas kept popping up and I didn’t resist. It can sound somewhat eclectic (very unusual for me, isn’t it?) but that’s how I see it for now.

The sketch is entirely DIY, no other musicians were employed – sketch is a sketch. Will see, what it becomes in a future. Check it out and subscribe with the form below if you like it, so you’re not gonna miss the album when it’s ready (oooh, yeah, it will be an album one day, for real…).

P.S. Please, don’t keep it inside if you hate it – shout it all out in comments. Better I get butthurt than you get a heart attack, I’m serious (of course, I am).