Dance In The Rain

This is the composition that likely began my development as a jazz and indie musician.

Initially, it was an exercise with the rhythm of bossa nova. I was learning from the book “Fiddler in Jazz” (E. Kunin) and found in there some drum rhythms for basic styles of jazz music. Thus was created the drum part. Of course, it was subsequently slightly modified and supplemented. The original chord progression was also the result of my work with that book. Later, I added a few ideas of my own.

This song was waiting in the wings for a long time as one of the many blanks to be filled in.

I did the rhythm and harmony first, but the violin part did not come to my mind. It was the same with almost all my early songs.

With this song, I was trying to write an improvised part, playing with a bow.

Then, one day, when I was listening a soundtrack again (for the 100,500th time), the image of a couple dancing in the rain came to my mind. Consistent with image, the I put down the bow and used my fingers to play.

And I got this song.

This is not the first version of the song, and probably not the last. I still hope to record a full instrumental album, and I think this song will be played in a different way on that album.

In the meantime, I call your attention to this variant of the song. Enjoy!