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October 21, 2017


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Didier Lockwood
Jean Luc Ponty
Erik Truffaz
Allan Holdsworth


  • 01 - Burned Bridges
  • 02 - Fiasco
  • 03 - Infamy
  • 04 - Wondering
  • 05 - Take No Prisoners!

So, I’ve finished all the recordings. The album is rather an EP than a long-play. It contains five pieces which are composed and recorded during my Middle East period, which is over four years already.
It took much longer than I expected. It’s not easy to record, especially when you’re doing it in a home studio and you’re the only person there. I had to set up the equipment and click the “Record” and “Stop” buttons at the same time. And the “Delete” button – I had to click that many times.
I don’t really compose my solos. I do the main melodies in some of them, but mostly I improvise. If something goes wrong, I need to improvise another version or transcribe the existing one and learn it, which consumes too much time. For some tunes, I decided to keep the not-perfect part because it sounded more emotional; it “spoke” better despite some squeak or scratch. Don’t be surprised if you hear this.
Sometimes I thought about giving up, of abandoning the idea of releasing an album, at least for now, and releasing singles instead.
However, it’s done now and submitted to those digital gnomes at CD Baby. They’ll handle the rest of the routine, like registering the album, attaching barcodes, sending it to Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc. The release will happen on October, 21, 2017.

Ilya Netkach - violin, keyboard, programming
Alina Kharchenko - piano
Mixing & mastering - Ilya Netkach


  • Smooth & Soul (Germany)
    Ilya Netkach stands without any ifs and buts to his instrument and his music. I AM is that what makes him. Either one stands for his music or not. An intermediate it does not allow...
    © Hans-Bernd Hulsmann

  • All About Jazz
    "Netkach stays frank and spontaneous in the moment while choosing each note with care, and the result is an exotic work that feels over in a blink, but still says a lot in a short time."
    © Geno Thackara